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The Refounding Fathers are a coalition of patriotic organizations dedicated to restoring America to Constitutional rule.  Our unalienable rights, which are endowed by God and declared in the Bill of Rights, are being infringed upon by a government corrupted by power and greed.  We are uniting as patriots in order coordinate our efforts and combine our strength.  Together we will defend freedom against tyranny until our rights are restored!

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The calendar shows events in which member organizations of the Refounding Fathers Coalition are sponsoring or participating.  Events from many other groups can be found on the Stand Up Massachusetts Calendar


We stand united as American patriots in order to resist the suppression of our rights under the Constitution.  Please consider joining one of the organizations in our coalition.  If your own organization aligns with our goals then contact us to become part of our growing coalition.

About the Coalition

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Please see member organization websites to contact them directly.   If you have a question pertaining to the coalition, we’d be happy to hear from you.  If your organization is interested in becoming a member of our coalition then contact us for more details.